raunch 10 Gallon - Your Tanks
User raunch
Size 10 Gallon
Date Started May 10ish, 2012 Work in Progress
Lighting 2 - 14w 5000k cfl Getting 6500k soon
Equipment Modified HOB cheap filter
CO2 None
Substrate Flourite with a little sand underneath cause I didn't feel like removing the sand lol.
Fertilization Seachem Flourish once a week ish
Plants Wisteria, Pothos, Java fern, Java moss, Duckweed On the hunt for cheap new plants lol I need a lot more plants!
Inhabitants Cherry shrimp, + unstoppable force of snails haha
Comments The roots from the pothos I actually grew in a antique bottle outside for about 3 months. It's insane how long the roots got and I only changed the water a few times. The driftwood is "milaysian" and I plan to get another piece to cover most of the bottom.
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