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User 150EH
Size 10 gallon
Date Started 06-06-2012
Lighting DIY Dimmable LED Fixture 10 warm white LEDs 6,500 k 10 cool white LEDs 10 k 5 5 mm blue moonlights
Equipment Eheim 2215 DIY in-line Heater Reactor Combo
CO2 Pressurized CO2 5# Victor VTS-200C dual stage Burket 6011 solenoid Fabco NV-55 needle valve
Substrate ADA AquaSoil Amazonia
Parameters Soft Acidic RO water kH 4 gH 8 pH 6.8
Fertilization So far only for one week on an EI schedule 2 ml macro - 1.5 ml micro - 0.5 ml Fe 1 ml Excel daily
Plants Cryptocoryne lutea - Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Florida sunset' - Eleocharis sp. 'GWAPA' - Fissidens fontanus - Fissidens fontanus sp. mini - Hemianthus callitrichoides - Lilaeopsis mauritiana - Rotala macrandra 'Japan red'
Inhabitants For now to get the tank cycled 7 Ghost Shrimp - My wish list of livestock is 2 Orange zebra otos 10 Amano shrimp 10 Microdevario kubotai
Comments I have a ADA LED coming for the new tank, some clear tubing for pipes, and a SS intake screen, but I need a background and I'm leaning toward a mirrored look.
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can't wait for it to come alive !!!!
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ok, thats BAD ASS
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I'm sorry to say the Metaframe sprung a leak, as did the heater/reactor, and the regulator. I have fixed everything except the regulator which is a vintage pre 1965 reg but I'm working on it. But in order to save the palnts I'm going to leave this setup as is with some new lights, etc. coming and swap all the diy stuff back on the Metaframe when the time comes. Thanks so much for the comments!
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