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User iwagumikun
Size ADA 60-P
Date Started 5/12/2012
Lighting 144 watts Life-Glo bulbs (6x24w each)
Equipment Eheim 2213
CO2 Yes
Substrate Fluval Plant Stratum
Parameters Dimensions: 60cm X 30cm X 36cm (24in X 12in X 14in) glass thickness: 6mm Volume: approx. 17 gallons
Fertilization Seachem Flourish Excel
Plants Brasiliensis Micro Swords
Inhabitants Neon Tetras Apistogrammas SAEs Otocinclus
Comments Seiryu Iwagumi ADA rocks
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Algae Grower
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Planted 5/4/12 with running 144watt of LifeGlo x6 bulbs with 10hrs of CO2 daily. Almost 4 weeks and not much progress please advise.
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