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User Gooberfish
Size 10 Gallons
Date Started June 2011
Lighting Two 20watt CFL bulbs
Equipment Heater, Aqueon 10, Fountain pump.
CO2 DIY sugar & champagne yeast
Substrate Eco Complete
Fertilization couple drops of plant liquid food (For ponds. It's what I have too much of)
Plants Hornwort, Wisteria, Dwarf Hairgrass, Amazon Sword, Christmas Moss wall, Anacharis, Rotala Singapore, Rotala Indica, Anubias barteri, Blyx Japonica
Inhabitants 3 Goldfish. 1 Oranda-looking thing, Two 13 cent starters from petsmart
Comments The fountain pump on the right pumps the water into a grow bed where I have marginal bog plants and grow lights. It's my aquaponic bog garden
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This is a beautiful tank! Love the wide variety of plants, textures, shapes and colors. Substrate is very attractive. I assume you will eventually be moving the goldies to a larger tank? Also, most filters are only half as powerful as they're rated, hence your Aqueon 10 might not be providing sufficient filtration. I would add another, or replace it with an Aqueon 20, if they make them. Tanks looks nice and clean. Also like the rocks and driftwood.
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Thanks! If I could afford a bigger tank for the goldfish, I would. But for now they'll hang out there. There's a fountain pump that pumps water in and out of a bog filter. Added filtration seems to be working.
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