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User FishWorks AK
Size 220 gallon - 833 liters
Date Started April 1st
Lighting I have two 250 watt 8000k ADA "Amano" green Metal Halide HQI /// Also I have four 52 watt t5 bulbs reds, a white, and a blue
Equipment The tank is being filtered by one Ehiem. One Hydor 4 and a Hydor 2
CO2 I have compressed CO2, into a reactor. I supply 2-3 bubbles a second
Substrate I put 1.5 inches of glacial silt in the bottom, with 2 inches of aged Eco Complete
Parameters Temp: 72 degrees PH: 6.5
Fertilization Glacial silt
Plants Allot, tons of stem plants in the water. While outside the water I have a Forget me nots, with other purple and yellow flowers. With assorted bog plants.
Inhabitants 100 gold white clouds, 12 sparkling gurami, 40 crystal shrimp with more to come.
Comments I made a troff out of black acrylic that holds 5x5 inch planters that sit one inch below the surface of the water, allowing me to put in bog plants. I surrounded the top of the tank with 1/8th inch black acrylic to the ceiling.
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holy crap... wheres the tank!?
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Omg, this is amazeballs! Where do you keep this tank? are the plants growing out of the water or are they in planters sitting in the water?
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Impressive, care to list some of the emersed plants? Thank you.
Algae Grower
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dude this tank rocks!
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Amazing..dream tank for sure :)
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