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User samjpikey
Size 120 liter
Date Started oct 2011 co2 started 10 july 2012
Lighting hagen glo t5ho overhead lamp 24 watt 1 x giesseman midday 6kbulb 6 hrs daily
Equipment fluval 205 ext filter . internal filter 400lh 100 watt heater
CO2 2kg fire extinquisher. up-aqua dual stage reg with solenoid valve . sera 500 reactor 1bps
Substrate organic miracle grow capped with black sand
Parameters ph 7.4~ 15 litre w/c wed and sun temp 24-25c Slightly hard water
Fertilization tetramin florapride . kno3 kh2p04 mgs04. ks04
Plants amazon sword. Jungle vallis. java fern. java moss. anubais, hc and more i dont know
Inhabitants mollies, sword tails , tetras , gouramis, plecos red cherry shrimp and amano shrimp
Comments Currently no algae growing.
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