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User vincenz
Size 75g
Date Started May 2012
Lighting Natural sunlight, Kessil Amazon Sun
Equipment 36x36x14 Starphire rimless tank, Fluval 406, Koralia 425, Koralia 240, Marineland 300W
CO2 none
Substrate 125 lbs Eco-Complete, 3 dozen root tabs
Parameters pH 7.0
Fertilization none
Plants Cryptocoryne sp., Microsorum sp., Nymphaea zenkeri, Sagittaria subulata, Limnobium sp., Saururus cernuus, Houttuynia cordata 'Chameleon', Pontederia cordata, Colocasia esculent 'Black Magic', Ruellia brittoniana, Canna 'Pink Sunburst', Echinodorus cordifolius, E. palaefolius
Inhabitants Ctenopoma acutirostre, Melanotaenia boesemani, Poecilia wingei, Otocinclus sp., Ramshorns, pond snails, trumpet snails, bladder snails, feeder shrimp
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FishWorks AK
Algae Grower
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beautiful, you have done a great job
Planted Tank Obsessed
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That is a work of art.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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I'd never leave that room if my tank looked like that. Sexy!
Andrew H
Planted Member
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Algae Grower
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That is truly amazing...
Algae Grower
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Now all that is needed is comfortable seat or a nice yoga mat and zabuton, and I'd never want to leave the room. It is BEAUTIFUL!
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