sinthesis 55 gallon - Your Tanks
User sinthesis
Size 55 gallon
Date Started June 2012
Lighting 2 x T5, 28 watt, Colormax & 6700k bulbs
Equipment Whisper heater, Aquatech 30/60 filter
CO2 None.
Substrate 3 bags Eco-Complete Black Substrate
Fertilization Seachem Flourish Complete
Plants Java Fern, Red and Green Wendtii, Anubias Nana, Crinium Calmistratum, Marble Queen Sword, Marimo
Inhabitants Neon Tetra x 10... Albino Corydoras x 4... Upside Down Catfish (Nigriventis) x 3... Harlequin Rasbora x 6... Male Betta x 1... Nerite Snails (olive, red spotted, zebra) x 6
Comments Driftwood arrangement, slate and river stone arrangements
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