LouieM 35 Gallon - Your Tanks
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User LouieM
Size 35 Gallon
Date Started 7/21/11
Lighting Standard
Equipment Dual Aerator/20-50 Gallon Filter
CO2 None
Substrate N/A
Parameters N/A
Plants MoneyWort/Hornwort
Inhabitants 1 Apple Snail, 1 Clam, 1 Albino Tetra, 1 Pleco, 1 Koi Angelfish, 1 Apollo Shark, 2 Siamese Algae Eaters, 1 Platy, 1 Male Dwarf Gourami(Gold), 1 Female Dwarf Gourami(Opaline), 8-10 Swordtails, About 40 Swordtail Fry
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