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User RAGEo2
Size 125
Date Started 4-04-07
Lighting 260 watts of 12,000k & 260 of 5,500k = 520 watts
Equipment Magnum 350 Canister Filter Eheim Pimp#322 Classic 2217 (1) Penguin 1140 powerheads w/ sponges attached 20lb. CO2 Tank JBJ Regulator 300 watt Visi-Therm Deluxe Heater Rex's Co2 Reactor
CO2 Pressurized
Substrate Soil Master Select (charcoal)
Parameters pH 6.8 Nitrate 20ppm Nitrite 0ppm GH 300 KH 80
Fertilization Dry ferts dosing....
Plants Apons, Nanas, A. Swords, Red tiger lily's, Sunset Higrow
Inhabitants 1 Bolivian Rams 5 Neons 1 Male betta 2 German Ram 2 Golden Rams 14 Rasboras +/- 20 Glass shrimp Bunch of ram horn and TMS snails 4 mini rasboras
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Algae Grower
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Before the change plus the A.cichlids where all returned to the LFS.
Algae Grower
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Sold in the summer of 2010 and left the hobby.....
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