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User Patrunkenphat7
Size 135 Gallons
Date Started 1/28/12
Lighting High.
Equipment Under-gravel Heater. Canister Filter.
CO2 Pressurized system. Medium levels during day, low levels during night.
Substrate Matte black fine fluorite gravel.
Parameters Nitrate: 10-15 ppm Nitrite: undetectable Ammonia: undetectable pH: 6.8 Temp: 82 F
Fertilization Dry salts: trace elements and potassium nitrate.
Plants Brazilian Pennywort, Red Lily, Water Wisteria, Brown/Copper Wendtii (Crypt), Crypt variants, Indian Red Swords, Ruffled Swords, Mellon Swords, Ozelot Swords, Nova Ozelot Swords, Narrow Leaf Chain Swords, Broad Leaf Ludwigia, Java Fern Tropica, Red/Green Foxtail, Limnophila, Vallisneria
Inhabitants 25 Cardinal Tetras, 18 Rummynose Tetras, 13 Penguin Tetras, 6 Zebra Danios, 2 German Blue Rams, 2 Bolivian Rams, 5 Angelicus Botia Loaches, 6 Banded Khuli Loaches, 12 Otocinclus, 11 Corydoras, 5 Banjo Catfish, 4 Bristlenose Plecos, 2 Clown Plecos, ~30 Ghost Shrimp
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Now those are some HEALTHY plants.
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great looking tank!
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