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User Melificent
Size 55 gallon
Date Started Late January
Lighting coralife 6700 2x65 watt CF fixture, plus 2x15 watt stock fixtures
Equipment Tetra hang on back filter, 200 watt heater
CO2 Excel dosing for now
Substrate Flora-base, covered with standard gravel
Fertilization Flourish so far, have dry ferts to add when I figure it out!
Plants Anubias Nana, Corkscrew Valisneria, Rotala Indica, Rotala Colorata, Bacopa (Colorata?), H. difformis, Red Temple Hygro, Blyxa Japonica, crypts: Wendtii green and red, Hygrophila corymbosa 'angustifolia', Java Moss, Tropica Fern
Inhabitants 2 Angelfish 6 neon Tetras 5 assorted cory cats 2 singapore flower shrimp 2 Dwarf Turquoise Gourami many ramshorn and MTS snails
Comments First planted tank ever!
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WOW>. Easily one of the best looking tanks I've seen on here,, Theres a nice sense of balance between the space taken up by each species of plant.. Good Job!
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