izabella87 40 Gallons - Your Tanks
User izabella87
Size 40 Gallons
Date Started 9/2011
Lighting 2 X 32watts (homemade fixture)
Equipment Filter Fluvial 55 gal
CO2 Lots of fish do the job miraculously
Substrate Sand
Fertilization Excel
Plants Java moss, star moss, ferns, others
Inhabitants neon tetras, platys, cherry barbs, 1 betta, plecos (diff types) Cherry shrimps, amano shrimps, ghost shrimps, bamboo shrimps, u name it...
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Little Bob
Algae Grower
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Great looking tank! I love the "bridge" of branches. Looks like just the right number of plants too.
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love this tank!
Planted Member
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Incredible tank! Really like the branches with moss, makes me consider using other elements along with the rocks I have in my tank. Nice job.
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