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User keansin
Size 6g
Date Started April 2007
Lighting DIY 2x 18w screw-in philip cool daylight 6500K bulb.
Equipment Mini hang-on filter, cooling fan, mini internal pump
CO2 DIY 1 liter CO2
Substrate Sera floredepot + Azoo base fertilizers, cover with fine wash gravel.
Parameters PH 6.5 - 7.0, KH = 4.0 dKH, NO3 <10ppm, Temp = 29.0 Celcius.
Fertilization Sera Florena 1x/week, trace alements 1x/week (3days after sera), Red Sea 24 = 1 drop everyday.
Plants Sunset hygro, Cabomba, Dwarf hairgrass, Dwarf Sagittaria, Anubias nana, Java moss, Christmas moss, and one unknow plant.
Inhabitants Zebra danio, leopard danio, zebra angel, butterfly sucker fish, SAE, chinese algae eater, glass fish.
Comments This my first and learning tanks, advice and suggestion for improvement are wellcome. My next project is 30g with bettere setting. And My java moss seem not growing, don know why??
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