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Size 55G Long
Date Started Running since 2010. Live planted 4/2012
Lighting Current Nova Extreme 2x 54watt T5HO
Equipment Rena xp2/Eheim 2234...Coralife 9watt UV...Hydor 300 inline heater...Aqueon 500 powerhead...
CO2 20lb co2 tank...Milwaukee regulator with solenoid and bubble counter... Rex Grigg style inline reactor.
Substrate 30lb Eco complete with regular semi-fine grain white gravel
Parameters Temp:77-78* GH:5 KH:3.5-4 PH:6.2-6.4 Nitrite:0ppm Ammonia:0ppm Nitrate:20-30ppm
Fertilization Seachem Liquid fert line + Kent Pro Plant and Kent Iron. Dry ferts once the liquid runs out, cant wait!!!
Plants *Cabomba *Hygrophila Augustifolia (blue bell) *Amazon Sword *Micro sword *Spiralis *Bacopa *Moneywort *Anacharis *Water Sprite *Java moss *Ludwigia Cuba *Spiralis *Random crypts
Inhabitants *3 Australian rainbow fish *2 Bolivian rams *2 German Blue Rams *3 Black skirt tetras *5 Blood fin tetras *5 Neon tetras *1 Gold gourami *1 Blue gourami *3 sword tails *1 skunk cory.....(sam) *3 SAE's * 2 nerite snails
Comments Any comments or complains please Let me know! Its a learning experience for sure! New Pics will be uploaded as plants grow in!
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Very nice! I really like your tank and your inhabitants!
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