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User Cochepaille
Size 110g
Date Started Jan. 2015
Lighting 8x 9w CFL's in work light housings (custom hood) and 2x 15" moonlight blue LED strips.
Equipment Eheim Pro II (277 GPH ) & Sunsun (265 GPH) canister filters; 300w Eheim heater, 2x 15" bubble walls.
CO2 None
Substrate Miracle Gro Organic Choice Potting Soil (1.5") w/ Safe-T-Sorb cap (1.5")
Fertilization None
Plants Dwarf sag (25), Cardemine Lyrata (6), Crypt Wendtii (4), Coffee Anubias (2), Round Leaf Anubias (3) and Jungle Val (12).
Inhabitants Tiger barbs (10), cherry barbs (20), angelfish (2), opaline gourami (1) iridescent shark (1), corey cats (2) and a Japanese algae eater.
Comments Large driftwood centerpiece.
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