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Size 30cm Cube
Date Started June 2010
Lighting 27 watt 6700k PC (hampton bay desk lamp)
Equipment Eheim ecco 2232, hydor inline heater, Milwaukee pH controller, fishmate feeder
CO2 Pressurized on a Milwaukee pH controller and timer, through a ceramic diffuser
Substrate mineralized topsoil with old ADA Aquasoil
Parameters kh: 5 ph: 6.5 gh: 6 temp: 78
Fertilization once weekly dose of Flourish Potassium, once weekly half-dose of Flourish, RootMedic tabs for the erios
Plants utricularia graminifolia, pogostemon helferi, anubias nana petite, eriocaulon parkeri
Inhabitants neocardina heteropoda "red cherry", neritina semicona
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such a shade of green! It's so beautiful. . .
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