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Size 5 Gallons
Date Started July 6th, 2011
Lighting Normal Fixture (bulb burned out, haven't gotten new one yet): 27w 10,000K power compact Substitute: 6" brooder lamp with 26w 65000K CFL (8hrs/day)
Equipment Aquaclear 20 No heater needed (room temp is about 72, and the inhabitants [pygmy sunfish] live in about 70 degrees in the wild {they're wild caught} so it is warm enough)
CO2 Fluval mini pressurized co2 kit (modded): -- -Diffuser (airstone type) -Bubble Counter (mini) -Drop Checker
Substrate Black Sand (fine)
Parameters pH: 7.5 NH3: 0 ppm NO2: 0 ppm NO3: 5-10 ppm
Fertilization Seachem Flourish Comprehensive Supplement (weekly dose)
Plants -Dwarf baby tears (hemianthus calictrichoides) -Brazillian Pennywort (hydrocoytle leucocephala) -Marsilea Minuta
Inhabitants -4 Gulf Coast Pygmy Sunfish (elassoma gilberti) x2 male x2 female
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