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User Georgiadawgger
Size 65 US gallons
Date Started 2005
Lighting 192w Coralife
Equipment Eheim 2026 (external co2 reactor) Eheim 2213 (coralife 9w turbotwist)
CO2 Azoo Regulator; clippard needle valve; external reactor
Substrate Fluorite
Fertilization 3 X weekly: 3/4 teaspoon NO3; 3/4 teaspoon K2SO4; 1/4 teaspoon PO4 3 X weekly: 6 mL Tropica IN ADDITION to 6 mL each day Tropia via Eheim liquidoser
Plants Lobelia cardinalis, Hygrophila polysperma, Ludiwigia peruensis, Taiwan moss, italian val, wisteria, another moss I can't remember the name of, another hygro I can't remember, Anubias nana
Inhabitants 4 Discus, 8 cories, 10 otos
Profile Views 1137
Wannabe Guru
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Beautiful tank I like the layout!
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