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User bloo
Size 265 low tech
Date Started 2/2011
Lighting 2x4' T5HO, 2x3' T5HO (giving me 2 wide T5HO over the 7' length)
Equipment Fluval FX5 2xTunze Streams on controller
CO2 Nope
Substrate Miracle Grow Organic Choice topped with Flourite Black Sand
Parameters Who checks?
Fertilization Nope
Plants Crypt Parva Crypt Lutea Crypt Wendtii 'mi oya' Crypt Balansae Java Fern 'Needle Leaf'
Inhabitants 13 Dennison Barbs 20 Tiger Barbs Intend to add Boseman and Praecox Rainbows
Comments Tank thread:
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I love the "grassy" look!
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