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User Kyrol
Size 125 gallon 72 1/2 x 18 1/2 x 23 3/8
Date Started 2-7-12
Lighting SoalMax HE 236 2x 10k t5 bulbs 21watts each 84watts total 12 Moonlight LEDs 3x DIY shop lights with 25watt Ott Lite bulbs (100 watt replacements)
Equipment 2x MarineLand Emperor 400 Fluval fx5 2x MarineLand 200 watt heaters MarineLand Maxijet 400 Powerhead
CO2 MG Industries Dual stage Model 420 Burkert selonoid Dual Fabco-air nv-55 needle valve 20# c02 Tank
Substrate Black Diamond Blasting Grit 120 lbs. Crushed Coral 10 lbs.
Fertilization Rootmedic ultimate
Plants Dwarf Suggitana Crypt Parva / Undulata / Spiralis / Wendtii Red / Lutea / Wendtii Tropica Echinodons Tenellus Java Fern Narrow / Lace Rotala Rotundifolia Eusteralis Stellata Anubias Nana / Congensis Hygrophila Kompakt Whisteria Water Sprite Thalictroides Purple Cabomba Pennywort C. Brownii Hilaeopsis Mauntius Narrow / Brusiliensis Broad Kleiner Prinz Sword Dwarf Aquarium Lily Lobelia Cardinalis Ludwigia Cuba
Inhabitants 16x Red Eye tetra 2x Giant Danio 8x oto's 2x pleco's
Comments Still needing to install are DIY c02 reactor and 21watt UV sterilizer. Once I get the tank planted and rehome whats left of my current stock. I'll be getting Koi Angel fish BN Plecos and the rest to be figured out at a later date.
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