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User JCoxRocks
Size 38 Gal Long
Date Started The first time... 1996, as a serious hobby 2003
Lighting Catalina 36" 4x39 watt T5HO
Equipment Eheim 2236, 2 20 gal powerheads
CO2 Pressurized GLA setup
Substrate Gravel
Parameters Usually slightly acidic "amazon" style tank. 6.5-6.7
Fertilization Liquid Ferts Daily
Plants Blyxa Japonica, Anubias, Red Tiger Lotus, Limnophila Aromatica, Jungle Val, Fissidens Fontanus, Flame Moss, Staurgyne Repens
Inhabitants Angels, Otocinclus, SAE
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very natural looking... nice swords
Algae Grower
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Don't change a thing, everything is perfect
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