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Date Started
Lighting 2 Grobeam 500 6 hours/day 1 coralife 48 inch NO 8 hours/day
Equipment Eheim 2217 Koralia 425 300W Hydor Inline Heater Substrate Heating Cables
CO2 Pressurized CO2, Cerges Reactor
Substrate eco-complete
Fertilization PPS-Pro
Plants Jungle Val Wisteria Dwarf Sagittaria Cryptocoryne Undulata Anubias Nana Anubias Barteri
Inhabitants 1 Albino Bristlenose Pleco 1 Bristlenose Pleco 4 dwarf Rainbow Fish (1M 3F) 7 Rummey Nose Tetra 6 Cardinal Tetra 3 otocinclus 2 Bamboo Shrimp 3 Amano Shrimp 1 Nerite Snail
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