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reduced to 19% 65 gallon, colorful plants, large jellyfish, bright red rosy barb at right, horizontal.jpg
User Aquamom
Size 65-gallon coldwater
Date Started April, 2011
Lighting standard fluorescent that came with tank
Equipment two AC110 hob filters w/prefilters on intakes
CO2 none
Substrate black and blue pea gravel
Parameters all safe
Fertilization all-purpose liquid Flourish
Plants tall Anubias, marimo mossballs, floating hornwort and anacharis/elodea
Inhabitants 10 glofish danios of various colors; 2 shubunkin goldfish,; 1 comet goldie; 5 rosy barbs; 5 dojo loaches; numerous snails
Comments I made original collage for background
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reduced tp 18%, 65-gallon vertical, large jelly, rosy barbs, colorful scape.jpg
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