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reduced to 18%, 2012, 20gallon, two blue glofish up close.jpg
User Aquamom
Size 20-gallon-high, coldwater
Date Started September 2010
Lighting Standard fluorescent that came with tank.
Equipment AC50 hob filter; Azoo revertible air pump with 4" airstone.
CO2 none
Substrate reddish-brown pea gravel
Parameters All safe
Fertilization All-purpose liquid Flourish
Plants Anubias nanas, Amazon sword, marimo mossballs, java ferns, java moss, floating hornwort and anacharis/elodea
Inhabitants 8 glofish danios of various colors; 1 zebra danio; 4 whitecloud minnows; 11 red cherry shrimp; numerous tiny snails
Comments I made the original collage for the background.
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reduced to 16%, 20 gallon, 2012, anubias closeups and wavy rock.jpg
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