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User Aquamom
Size 65 gallons, coldwater
Date Started April, 2011
Lighting Standard fluorescent that came with tank, single bulb.
Equipment Two AC110 hob filters with prefilter sponges on piggybacked intake tubes.No heater, as this is a coldwater tank. External stick-on thermometer.
CO2 None
Substrate Blue and black pea-sized gravel.
Parameters Ammo 0, trites 0, trates 0, pH 7.6.
Fertilization All-purpose liquid Flourish
Plants Tall Anubias, marimo mossballs, floating hornwort and anacharis/elodea. Aquascape is supplemented with some artificial plants mixed with the living.
Inhabitants 2 shubunkin goldies (1 about six inches, one about four inches), 1 comet goldie (about 3 inches), 5 Rosy Barbs, 5 pink glofish danios, 4 blue glofish danios, 1 yellow glofish danio, 5 dojo loaches and several small-to-medium hitch-hiker snails.
Comments I created the original collage seen in the background.
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