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User Wayne Disqus
Size 300
Date Started April 10, 2012
Lighting 2x Four foot HO T5 four bulb wide.
Equipment ?I need to make a diy wet/dry
CO2 Aquatech Reg Pro / 20 Gallon Tank
Substrate undecided
Plants open with short grasses
Inhabitants large school of cardinal tetras maybe
Comments This is my first build of any magnitude.
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Wayne Disqus
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Hey, how's it going everyone? I just signed up for this awesome forum today. I bought this tank off clist on a whim and have decided to go for a large planted theme. It's a 90Lx30Wx24H 300 gallon acrylic. It's alittle rough around the edges, but I'm gonna give it a go. While money isn't a huge issue right now I'd like to stick to a do it myself type project. I plan on building a stand and filtration system, which I've never actually done.. I understand that the sump is not ideal for a planted tank, but I'm gonna try and make it work anyway! I'm a total rookie so Please tell me what you'd do if it was you. Thanks
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Depending if you want to go cheap or not, idk what to tell you. I went cheap and used some organic miracle grow capped sand and gravel. for lighting, i used a 48 inch shoplight from wallymart with 2 40 watt plant bulbs.
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how much did you get the tank for?
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Sumps are great for planted tanks and MTS would be great to because they are nutrient rich, just make sure your light is strong enough to grow your plant list, I know a guy with good prices so pm if needed, there are good product to make scratches and yellowing a thing of the past, good luck and build a strong stand that going to be heavy.
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