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User abhishekls
Size 3 ft X 1.5 ft X 1.5 ft
Date Started January 2012
Lighting 4 PLs 36 W each
Equipment Eheim external filter
CO2 Injected CO2 at 2 bps
Substrate ADA Amazonia
Fertilization PMDD Macro and Micro fertilizers
Plants Staurogyne Porto Vehlo, Hair Grass, Tonina Belem, Red Rotola Roundafolia, Blyxa Japonica, Anubias, Java Ferns and purple mint
Inhabitants Cardinal Tetra, Rummy Nose Tetra, Ottos and Kuhli loach
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Abhishek_ADA_Contest_Pandoras_Island_2.jpg update07042012.jpg
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Pretty good looking, well designed tank. The branches look awesome.
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very nice
Algae Grower
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The design is gorgeous!
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Its the hard work.... Its professional. Simply great.
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