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User Gooberfish
Size 2 gallons
Date Started Fall 2011
Lighting natural daylight, dining room table light.
Equipment None
CO2 Just the natural CO2 from the fish
Substrate River rocks
Parameters 2 gallon jar
Fertilization none
Plants Anacharis, Hornwort, 1 stem of water wisteria
Inhabitants 1 comet goldfish I won at a fair over the summer. Hardiest fair fish I've ever won. 1 Shubunkin
Comments 1 50% water change every two weeks. Sounds harsh but it's been working.
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Algae Grower
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dont you think the glass is to small for them? fishes have feeling, they can be stressed like us
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Yeah the glass may be a tad small. I'm in college so this is only a temporary home for them. The shubunkin will go in my Dad's pond at home and the fair fish will go in my 10 gallon. I'll turn the jar into a terrarium over the summer.
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