Lee Oceanic 50 gallon (190L) - Your Tanks
User Lee
Size Oceanic 50 gallon (190L)
Date Started 04-01-08
Lighting retrofit 96 w CF 6700K w/Workhorse Ballast
Equipment Eheim 2236
CO2 None
Substrate Eco-complete
Parameters 80 F
Fertilization None
Plants C. wendtii brown, C. wendtii green, C. wendtii tropica, C. crispatula balansae, C. spiralis, C. pontederiifolia
Inhabitants 3 C. japonica, 7 Otocinclus, clown pleco, 4 chain loach, dragon goby, 2 Apistogramma macmasteri, 25 P. axelrodi, Nannobrycon eques, Chaetostoma bulldog pleco,
Comments low tech, rescaped 1/1/10
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