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Size 20 Long
Date Started 19JAN12
Lighting deepblue solarmax h.o. 230 (2) 6500k 24in h.o. t5 (suspended from ceiling via para-cord)
Equipment aquaclear 30, aquaeon heater
CO2 none, flourish excel
Substrate caribsea eco-complete planted, sand
Parameters API test strip results: gh 60, kh 120, ph 7.6, no2 & no3 nil temp: ~77f uncertain salinity
Fertilization flourish, flourish excel, easy-life ferro
Plants wisteria, java fern, dwarf saggitaria, dwarf hairgrass, anubias, cladophora algae, duckweed, greater duckweed
Inhabitants 6 blind cave tetra, 7 green neon tetra, 2 oto catfish, 3 sunkist shrimp, 2 amano shrimp, copepods, snails, rectangular diatoms
Comments decor: drift wood, slate
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Really beautiful tank, done such a great job with it since the start. (:
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