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User pejerrey
Size 6 gallons
Date Started March 6th 2012
Lighting Archaea 27x2 10,000k
Equipment - Eheim 2213 classic, shrimp stainless steel mesh pre-filter. Rated 50 gal. max. Running a diy UGF - Cascade 200 HOB filter with activated carbon and fluval media and fluval sponge pre filter.. Rated 50 gal. max. - Internal heater.
CO2 nope
Substrate Akadama DRL w/UGF
Parameters TDS 95 GH 3-4dGh PH 6.4 All others ZERO
Fertilization None. Only DI water with GH 3dGh added by fluval mineral.
Plants Some fissidens, limnophila aromatica, a nice sized farm of the coveted mini-Xmas moss, lobelia cardinalis, red cabomba, dwarf anubias, rotala vietman, etc.
Inhabitants Fire Reds, RCS, CRS SS.
Comments Feed every other day alternating Benibachi, ADA, and blanch spinach.
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Very pretty. I like what you've done with a small space
John Haires
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clean & clear...
Little Bob
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Beautiful tank! Lush without being over stuffed. What is the brand of the tank? sfbaaps? Where did you get it?
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thank you all! sfbaaps is a local club!
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