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User stonedaquarium
Size 20 gal
Date Started Jan 6, 2012
Lighting 4 x 24W T5HO 6500K
Equipment Milwaukee Co2 regulator eheim ecco 2332 AC 20 power head Fluval Ceramic disk diffuser
CO2 Milwaukee Co2 Regulator Fluval Ceramic disk diffuser 5lb Co2 tank
Substrate flourabase with used fluval stratum
Parameters Nh4/Nh3 = O Nitrates = 10ppm Phosphates = 10ppm Gh = 4 Ph 6.5
Fertilization EI dosing regimen
Plants Java ferns (Philippine type) Dwarf hair grass riccia HC glosso UG S. repens Marsilea Minuta
Inhabitants Mixed shrimp Chilli rasboras harlequin rasboras neon tetras Amanos
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