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User mystichaze32
Size 20 gal
Date Started 3/10/2012
Lighting idk its long one light.. i am pretty sure its a uv light.
Equipment AquaTech 10-20 Power Filter, Tetra Whisper Air Pump 10-30
Substrate White sand
Parameters Gh - 3 drops, KH - 5 drops, Nh3 - nh4 -0.25, Ph - 8.0, No< 0.3
Plants no idea if i am adding plants or not. I only have sand in my tank if i can add plants what kind and how will they stay?
Inhabitants 4 guppies - 2 blue with red fin and 2 Fancy Guppy (with a black fin),(baby guppies (frys), 5 african dwarf frogs, 4 danios (2 i am sure are females) no algae eater. two blue mystery snails.
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mixed with new pics of fish tank (still cloudy) 007.JPG
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as u can see its still cloudy. i will be clearing that up today!
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thinking of adding some mollies.
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