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User leeteekyung
Size 80x40x40cm
Date Started march 2011
Lighting 1x14watt
Equipment hanging filter, thermometer
CO2 none
Substrate black scoria
Parameters 25-28degree celcius
Fertilization 8 tea spons of liquid fertlz per week
Plants java fern, tenellus, hygrophilla difformis, peacock moss, green hygro, valisneria nana, cryptocoryn wenditii
Inhabitants 13xred nose, 7xneon tetra, 3xmolly, red cherry shrimps and ghost shrimp
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Algae Grower
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beautiful use of a fantastic piece of bogwood
Algae Grower
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thanks nesopheus, the scape actually made by many pieces of cracked driftwood then i arranged them
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