Aquatic Delight 29gal - Your Tanks
User Aquatic Delight
Size 29gal
Date Started early Febuary 2012
Lighting aqueon t5 dual , 6700k and colormax
Substrate White Sand
Parameters PH:7.2
Plants Water Sprite, Cabomba, Dwarf Hair Grass, Hygrophila kompact, wisteria, broad leaf ludwigia, and couple others i can't recall
Inhabitants 3 Apistogramma Borellis, 3 neon Zebra Danos, 2 rummy nose tetras, 2 Penguin Tetras, 1 Albino Cory Cat, 1 Spotted Cory Cat, 1 green aneaus cory,2 Bamboo Shrimp, 1 Vampire Shrimp, 2 amano shrimp, 1 ghost shrimp, various Red Cherry, and Black Cherry shrimp
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