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User erodstrom
Size 8" high x 6" deep x 16" long
Date Started Feb, 2007
Lighting Two-bulb traditional aquarium light w/ 15watt spiral bulbs in each socket. I can't use both together for too long or the plants get too red, so I alternate which one is on during the day in order to get vertical growth
Equipment heater 20gph hob filter
CO2 DIY CO2 -- 2 Liter Bottle 1-2 cups sugar @ 1/4 teaspoob dry yeast 75% full diffused only with airstone, no reactor
Substrate Inert, regular aquarium gravel
Parameters Water Temp: @ 75 Degrees F PH: w/o CO2: @ 8.0 w/CO2: @ 7.6
Fertilization Kent Freshwater Plant Formula K*Fe Micronutrient Plant supplement with Potassium and Iron 1/4 Teaspoon given with water changes every 3-5 days.
Plants Rotala Species Ludwiga Species Crypto species Wisteria Micro Sword Pearlweed Baby Tears
Inhabitants Mystery Snail 5 Ghost Shrimp Male Guppy Otocinclus Chinese Algae Eater Siamensis
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Absolutely Splendid.... !!!
Wannabe Guru
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This is fantastic. Its helping me figure out mine.
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