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User whitepapagold
Size 125 gallon
Date Started June 2011
Lighting 2 54 watt 6500K

Blue LED strip

Blue LED spotlight that turns on at 2am and hits the face on the bust

Equipment None. Built in wet dry run wet and mostly empty
CO2 CO2 injection at who knows BPS - I don't count. Just using a powerhead for diffusion.
Substrate sand
Parameters Never measure so no idea
Fertilization Pfertz at FAR FAR FAR below the recommended amount... or when I think of it
Plants Anubias nana Anubias petite Anubias coffeefolia


Java fern

Fissidens fontanus

Marimo balls

Inhabitants otos

harlequin rasboras

cherry shrimp

chinese hillstream loach

rio pleco

rubbernose pleco

khuli loaches

tiger nerite snails

malaysian trumpet snails

pond snails


ALL petrified wood (no other rocks)

The tank had a rough start but now almost everything has new growth at all times. Just waiting for another year or so to see what it looks like. Tank is still in its early stages- it needs to fill in.

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Amazing, amazing, amazing aquascaping! It looks like some lost ruins in the jungle. I can't wait to see it when the plants fill in.
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Thanks! Im with you 100%- I cant wait till it fills in. The petite is doing awesome so I just keep dividing it and replanting! And the fissidens is wayyyy thicker than in the photo already.
Jonny Rotten
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Way,Way Cool.I like it as is.
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Where did you find the petrified driftwood?
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Almost all the petrified wood came from Ebay. The best is the large slab to the left. Its 30 inches long! Its a petrified plank of wood. I couldn't believe it when I found it and was the only bidder. Ill never find another like it- the whole tank is really centered around it. The petrified wood was expensive though... but worth every penny!
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Yeah, I can imagine it would be pricey. But it really brings the tank together in a unique setup!
Amandas tank
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Really cool. Reminds me of something out of the Indiana Jones movies!
Algae Grower
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Most unique aquascaping I've seen on this site. You must be an outside the box kind of aquarist. I fully expected some aborigines to come scurrying out of those caves as I looked at your tank. Well done!!
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