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User Matt1977
Size 4 Gallons | 15 Liters
Date Started Sept 2011
Lighting Aqua up Pro LED 6-36
Equipment Hagen 5w heater (small:10cm tall), preset to 26C, Elite Power Mini filter
Substrate Nature Soil
Parameters Temp - 26C, PH - 6.5, NH3 - 0, N02 - 0, N03 - 25, GH - 55
Fertilization Flourish (monthly dose)
Plants Vallisneria
Inhabitants Betta
Comments A tank just for my beloved Betta.
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John Haires
Junior Member
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good looking betta
Planted Tank Obsessed
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simple...and simply perfect
Algae Grower
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Simple and elegant. I'm keeping it in mind for when I re-scape my betta's tank!
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