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User Matt1977
Size 13 gallons | 51 liters
Date Started 17 Jan 2011
Lighting 1 X 18w PL
Equipment 55W heater Built-in 3 stage filter
CO2 nil
Substrate Layer one - Eco-Complete Layer 2 (top layer) - white river pebbles
Parameters Temp - 28C | 82F PH - 6.5 NH3 - 0 N02 - 0 N03 - 20 GH - 55
Fertilization API Leaf Zone - Once a month.
Plants Anubias nana Wisteria Lilaeopsis Amazon sword plant Vallisneria Dwarf hairgrass Moneywort
Inhabitants 1 Betta 8 Cloud Minnows 3 Ballon mollies (F) (temporary residents)
Comments 10% water changes once a week.
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Really like the center of intrest. Nice build.
Algae Grower
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very nice layout, how long had this been planted when this picture was taken?
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Thanks all. The tank has been set up for a year when I took the pic.. I'm like to keep it neat and tidy...
Algae Grower
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New Pic: before the big trim :)
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I love this, how do I get started?
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