Algae Beater 24x12x16 hagens version of a 60-p - Your Tanks
User Algae Beater
Size 24x12x16 hagens version of a 60-p
Date Started july 2012
Lighting 2 x vertex illumilux 12" LED strips
Equipment Eheim Ecco 2232, fluval digital heater, glass drop checker
CO2 5lb cylinder with inline diffuser
Substrate aquasoil Malaya with additives and power sand
Parameters pH 6.9 - 7.4 79 degrees kh 3 GH 3-6
Fertilization 5 ppm of KNO3 3 times per week CSM + B 4 times weekly K2SO4 and GH booster at water changes
Plants taiwan moss various stems and HC carpet
Inhabitants 14 CPD, a few gaertrudae rainbows, 5 x sparkling gourami
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