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Size 5 Gallon All Glass
Date Started 12-20-11
Lighting Coralife Mini T5 Fixture: 2x 9" 6W T5 6700k Marineland Daylight (from Eclipse 3) 10000k Coralife Cool White
Equipment 5-15 Aquatech Filter (just rinse out the media once in a while, no change in media since I don't use carbon)
CO2 Seachem Excel
Substrate Plain inert PETCO black sand Small river stone gravel from Petco
Fertilization DIY Root Tabs from Osmocote Plus 6x 00 Capsules near all rooted plants
Plants Cryptocoryne Small Malaysian Driftwood Small Anubias Nana Chain Swords - Echinodorus tenellus Dwarf Swords Java Fern Java Moss Rotala Rotundifolia Dwarf Sagittaria Ludwigia Repens
Inhabitants 1x Honey Gourami 2x Otocinclus Affinis 6x Flame Tetra 2x Apple Snail (Hitched on Rotala)
Comments Soon Switching to DIY paintball Co2 pressurized injection
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