AUAV8R 75 gallon - Your Tanks
Size 75 gallon
Date Started 07/01/11
Lighting two 48" T5HO
Equipment two Rena Filstar
CO2 Paintball with inline DIY diffuser
Substrate Flourite, reptisand, and gravel
Parameters PH 7.0! Hard water, temp. 77,
Fertilization osmocote plus, DIY liquid (stump remover, epsom salt, fleet enema)
Plants amazon sword, oselot sword, red rubin sword, dwarf sag, onion plants, Aponogeton longiplumulosus ?, Cabomba, water sprite, Ludwigia repens, anubius batteri, java fern, Windelov java fern, Crypt wendtii green, Crypt wendtii brown, Crypt nurri, crypt affinis,
Inhabitants 2 bosemani rainbow, 2 emerald rainbow, 5 celebs rainbow, 2 BN pleco, 8 rummynose tetra, 3 black tetra, 8 neon tetra, 5 gold barbs, 3 hatchets, 1 siamese agae eater,
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