VivaDaWolf 2,5g - Your Tanks
User VivaDaWolf
Size 2,5g
Date Started
Lighting 14w 15" T8 8000k
CO2 n/a
Substrate Black gravel Black sand
Fertilization Flourish, Excel, Pro-plant
Plants Rotala indica Rotala rotundifola Bacopa caroliniana Hornwort Anacharis Java fern Windelovs Ludwigia sp. Water Sprite Water Wisteria Duckweed, lesser + giant Crypt. wendtii Crypt. spiralis Micro Sword Banana Lily Salvinia Dwarf Water Lettuce Hygrophila corymbosa compact
Inhabitants 1 HMDT cellophane betta 2 Amano shrimp 1 Nerite snail
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