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User geofied
Size 10
Date Started January 25 2007
Lighting 2-15watt strip lights
Equipment Whisper 10 Visi-Therm Stealth 50W Heater
CO2 Hagen/Nutrafin CO2
Substrate Flourite under white gravel
Fertilization None
Plants -Althernanthera Reineckii -Anacharis -Cabomba -Duckweed -Dwarf Hairgrass (E. Parvula) -E. Parviflorus -Hygrophila Difformis -Java Fern -Java Moss -Pygmy Chain Sword -Rotala Rotundifolia (I think) -Tape Grass (Spiral Val.) -And a few others I haven't figured out yet
Inhabitants -4 Pristella Tetras -2 Red Eye Tetras -2 Neon Tetras -1 Siamese Algae Eater -1 Dwarf Puffer
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