B&M 150 Gal - Your Tanks
User B&M
Size 150 Gal
Date Started 1/15/12
Lighting 2x36" 2x48"
Equipment 2x emperor 400 homemade (temporary) purigen reactor
CO2 none yet
Substrate playsand Mopani Wood
Fertilization seachem flourish
Plants Micro Sword Water Sprite Anubias Nana Round Leaf Ludwigia - Broad ChainSword - Narrow Leaf Anacharis or Hornwort Java Fern Cabomba Cryptocoryne Amazon Sword
Inhabitants painted platys cardinal tetra red belly xray tetra golden panocha killifish (pair) green cobra guppy turquoise guppy red fire guppy lyretail guppy zebra danio ghost shrimp
Comments learning as we go
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Algae Grower
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great narly wood!
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