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User Aquaticfan
Size 46 gallon Bowfront
Date Started Tank Start date October 2011
Lighting 2 x Aqueon/Coral life 2 bulb T5NO sets. total of 4 bulbs. 3 x 6500K and 1 x 10,000K. On timer for 10 hours on.
Equipment Aqua Tech CF300 Canister filter,2 Aquaclear powerheads for current (0ne 20 and 0ne 30) Aqueon PRO Heater, Aquaclear 50 HOB.
CO2 Pressurized 5lb tank, Dual Stage Matheson Regulator, Clippard Mouse solenoid, dual needle valves and single manifold(runs 2 tanks) The 46 gallon uses a Ada glass bubble checker and a self built Cerges reactor running off the output of my canister. Inside is a Up-aqua drop checker.
Substrate Substrate is blast media. No longer available. Its bigger then sand and smaller then pea gravel. Substrate is mixed with Osmocote plus and I use root tabs.
Parameters Water is 80 degrees, Am-0, NI-0, NA-10 to 20 ppm. Co2 drop checker is yellow but fish doing great.
Fertilization I use Dry ferts both full Micro and Macro with Iron. Occasional Excel. I use the EI dosing method.
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