Andrew H Fluval 5 gallon - Your Tanks
User Andrew H
Size Fluval 5 gallon
Date Started 2/9/12
Lighting Finnex 26w Solar Lux bulb
Equipment Aquaclear20 and aqueon heater
Substrate Fluval plant stratum
Plants Flame moss on the lace rock, mixture of flame moss, xmas moss, and weeping moss on the right piece of drift wood. Some fat leafed plants and some skinny leafed plants. Narrow leaf micro-sword that I'm hoping will carpet across the substrate. Marimo moss ball. Some random floating lily thingys.
Inhabitants One male HM betta, four amano shrimp, two crystal reds, two bumble bee shrimp, two tiger and one zebra nerite snail.
Comments I yanked out the stock filter/pump/lights that came with the Chi cause they were a POS. Painted the rear panel myself and got the glass top from local hardware store. Leave a comment/advice/criticism; I'm a noob.
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You paint that betta too? SICK!!!
Andrew H
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can't believe no one else even thought about buying him before I scooped him up! suckers!!!
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This is such a great tank and betta. How cool to get a pic of the betta right in the opening of the rock that looks like a cave! Awesome!
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nice start btw but I'd tie the moss to the wood pieces instead of the rock. if you want a mossy look on the rock open up the marimo ball, spread it out and attach it to the rock, makes a nice effect ;P
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