afuzzy420 75 gallon - Your Tanks
User afuzzy420
Size 75 gallon
Date Started 10/3/2012
Lighting 3x54 t5ho bulbs with moonlight led. 1 bulb for 8hrs with all three for a 3 hr burst
Equipment cascade 1200 and eheim pro canister filters,,inline 300w heater
CO2 10# co2 tank,inline rex diy co2 reactor
Substrate 5 bags flourite
Parameters ph-7.2
Fertilization flourish root tabs, using tom barrs fert guide with dry ferts
Plants phillipine java fern,java fern,windelov java fern,anubias nano,bacopa,,red lilly,crypt wendtii,anubias barteri eyes,Red Ludwigia
Inhabitants 15neon tetra, albino bristlenose 4 angels aand 2 guppies.
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