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User ringram
Size 90 gallon
Date Started 01/05/2007
Lighting 6 x 54w Tek T-5 HO (4 x 54w for ~11 hrs, ALL 6 for ~1-2 hrs)
Equipment Eheim 2026, Rena Filstar XP3, Hydor 300w inline heater, 9w Turbo Twist UV.
CO2 10 lb Co2 tank, JBJ regulator combo, Rhinox 5000. Bubble rate ~ 3-4/sec
Substrate ADA Aquasoil (4.5 9L bags), Powersand-S (2L bag)
Parameters ph 7.4 - 7.6 gh/kh = 3-4 I don't test much, since I dose with an EI-like method.
Fertilization I dose macros(dry) as needed and micros (CSM+B extra Fe - solution).
Plants hemianthus micranthemoides, blyxa japonica, hygrophila polysperma, myriophyllum mattogrossense, lobelia cardinalis, mayaca fluviatilis, many more...I'll update later.
Inhabitants 25 x harlequin rasbora, 8 x cardinal tetra, 4 x zebra danio, 3 x albino cory, 3 x schwartzii cory, 7 x SAE, 14 x otto, bristlenose pleco, 3 x clown loach
Comments I do 40-50% water changes two times a week. The lighting is mounted by conduit bars affixed to the back of the stand. The stand is pine, but stained Mohagany by me. Looks pretty sharp.
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oh my god.... this tank is beautiful! great job with it!
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